Utility scale

Energy storage is a critical component for grid-connected systems that want to incorporate significant amounts of renewables and maintain stability. Unlike traditional peaking power plants, ESS can dispatch power in a matter of seconds and with zero carbon emissions.

Autarsys designs and develops custom energy management solutions for ancillary services and assembles storage systems with partner components to provide the maximum value for utility scale customers. Our modular inverter framework is easily scalable allowing storage capacities to increase as needs change and for operators to control others forms of distributed energy resources (DER).

In a fringe of grid location in Lakeland, Australia we delievered a state-of-the-art ESS with all five market-ready settings. Prior to our ESS and the MW-range power plant, the long-distance power lines were unreliable with network constraints on local industries as loads often led to brownouts. That is no longer the case today.

  • How Autarsys Stabilizes Networks and Reduces Fossil Fuel Consumption

    In the absence of storage systems, utility scale renewable plants expose grids to highly fluctuating currents which limit their ability to incorporate renewables at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC).

    Fast frequency response (FFR) mechanism balances the supply and demand of utility frequencies.

    Advanced active filter inverters provide on-demand accurate and reliable compensation of active and reactive power and harmonic interference – and ultimately increase the share of renewables.

    Energy arbitrage trading enables local grid operators to sell renewable energy to national grid owners.