Join the movement for a renewable energy future.

At the heart of Autarsys is the idea that many people can and should be energy independent, powering their communities through their own renewable resources.

While public institutions lag in their commitments to fund the transition to renewable energy, recent data show that the lion’s share of -public and private- funds raised to address climate change are invested in the same countries from which they originate.

However a growing movement of individuals, organized through crowdfunding platforms are choosing to invest globally in a sustainable future. Below are some of our current crowdfunding campaigns.

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Manombo and Antanimieva

Madagascar is an island-nation with extremely low levels of electrification. Only 14% of Malagasies have access to electricity, while 4% of people living in rural regions can turn on the lights. Meanwhile policies to increase electrification rates are not keeping up with population growth.

This project will power the villages of Manombo and Antanimieva and save nearly 114 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Learn more about the project here.

Disclaimer according to § 12 Abs. 2 Vermögensanlagengesetz:
This investment has substantial asscociated risks and can lead to the complete loss of invested funds.

The Asset Information Sheet pursuant to §13 of the German Asset Investment Act for our crowd investing campaign on can be downloaded here.



The oasis is located on an islet off the Filipino island province of Palawan which has been dubbed the “last ecological frontier” for its unparalleled biodiversity of marine and terrestrial life. It is home to a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, World Heritage Sites, and some of the most ancient forests in Asia.

Cauayan Resort is going transitioning to renewable with a solar-and-storage-hybrid system.

Learn more about the project here.

Qi Palawan

We partnered with sustainable business owner Bettina at Qi resort in the Philippines to setup a solar and storage system for her small eco-tourism company.

When we first met Bettina, her retreat relied on two diesel generators and a third “genset” ­– a combination diesel/electric generator ­– as a backup. Not only were they having to constantly monitor their energy usage, but they lived and worked around noisy and polluting generators.

Her new renewable system supplies up to 80% of the resort’s energy and has virtually replaced the diesel generator!

Learn more about the Qi investment campaing here.