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Remote and rural communities are now able to achieve energy independence unlike ever before. At Autarsys we know that it’s not just about harnessing renewable energy, it’s about cost-effective and sustainable energy storage systems. We build advanced battery containers in Berlin, Germany and team-up with partners on the ground to power communities long after the sun has set and the winds have died down.

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What we do
From far flung islands to off-grid villages and largescale industrial grids, we collaborate with local providers to bring technical expertise and logistical know-how in order to:

  • Replace aging carbon and fossil fuel systems with renewables
  • Integrate on and off-grid power systems
  • Introduce intelligent software to optimize energy use
  • Electrify communities that were once in the dark

Analysis &

  • Assess load profiles and forecast energy demand
  • Evaluation of grids and renewable energy sources
  • Customize energy storage systems (ESS)

Installation &

  • Provide onsite O&M training for technical personnel
  • Develop web interfaces that facilitate energy control
  • Commission for operational compliance and quality assurance 

Operation &

  • Ensure remote monitoring of system performance 
  • Provide online support and troubleshooting
  • Manage hardware and software throughout product lifecycle