Rural Electrification

Over one billion people in the world still lack electricity and 80% of them live in rural and remote regions. We can close the electricity access gap by scaling up our replicable ESS solutions and powering clusters of local villages.

These clusters of villages can receive identical storage systems by standardizing designs. In doing so, Autarsys streamlines the manufacturing and installation of all components, lowers due diligence costs and ultimately reduces financing expenses. The energy efficiency of our renewable systems makes them cost competitive against traditional sources of energy like diesel.

Our current project pipeline includes approximatey one hundred villages in Madagascar set to receive identical Mini ESS systems with 30 kVA inverter power and 124 kWh battery charged by a 50 kWp solar field, ensuring lower electricity tariffs for residents.

  • Transparent Metering Streamlined Payments

    The Autarsys ESS communication platform integrates Simple Payment Verification (SPV) with smart meters, enabling seamless and transparent transactions between the delivery of energy and payments. Smart meters enable customers to manage their electricity usage and costs, and operators to monitor losses, protect revenues, and easily manage payments and billing.