Commercial & Industrial

The world’s most influential companies, from Ikea to Google, have committed to powering 100% of their energy usage through renewables. These commitments not only improve public and environmental health, but they’re good for business.

Energy priorities are diverse like the companies they represent. Profiles vary from weak grids to no grids, and renewable resources of all kinds. Autarsys ESS can be tailored to optimize the energy targets of our customers from improving power quality, to going green, saving on energy costs by replacing diesel generators, and more.

Mam Rashan, a refugee camp in northern Iraq has an EMS which schedules the delivery of power to different corners of the community. Haffhus, a hotel on the Baltic Sea in Germany is equipped with an EMS that integrates three different sources of energy. In the Philippines, Cauayan Resort is set to save 265 tons of CO2 every year.

  • How Autarsys Provides 24/7 Access to High Quality, Green Power

    Grid Support Mode

    Corrects weak grids with insuffi cient power supplies that experience load dropping and brownouts.

    Renewable Support Mode Provides

    PV smoothing and ramping or peak shaving to stabilize the renewable system.

    Island Mode

    Ensures that in the event of power disruptions within the national grid, the local system can operate independently.