Our Mission

Communities can achieve energy independence unlike ever before. At Autarsys we know that it’s about more than harnessing renewable energy. We power communities long after the sun has set, and the winds have died down.

Autarsys advanced energy management systems:

  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Increase access to electricity
  • Provide power stability and energy market opportunities

Autarsys Energy Storage Systems (ESS) enable off-grid systems – that operate independent of private or state-owned energy authorities – to become more independent in their energy production. Grid-connected systems that distribute power within networks of greater numbers of energy users can increase their share of renewables with Autarsys technologies stabilize grids.

Three Communities of Customers

Our communities of customers include a mix non-governmental organizations, local and national governments and commercial businesses. Depending on their energy storage priorities, our systems
typically serve:

  • Rural Electrification: Standardized ESS are replicable for clusters of villages to increase access to electricity and facilitate project financing.
  • Commercial and Industrial (C&I): Autarsys product features are tailored to meet various business needs and improve energy efficiency.
  • Utility Scale: Autarsys energy management systems (EMS) monitor, control, and optimize large scale electrical networks to stabilize grids and provide the highest quality power possible.
  • Why Energy Storage?

    Renewable systems like solar fields and wind farms alone provide fluctuating energy, and only when the resource is available. Our systems go beyond those limits.

    The Autarsys EMS discharges stored energy when the renewable resource is not available, maximizing the local system’s use of renewable resources. At the core is the battery and inverter technology which manages natural fluctuations through “PV/wind smoothing”.